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Starting a business is like completing a puzzle.  Some business ideas require more puzzle pieces than others.  A seemingly simple question may have varying answers, depending on the type of business you're starting.  What works for one business may not work for another.  This is the type of environment that can be difficult to navigate for the new Entrepreneur.  Compound the environment with the fast pace of technology, some could feel a little left out. 

When I don't know, I ask. When I ask, I learn.  When I learn, I teach.

leebojenks (Lysa Jenkins)

I drafted the first copy of NOBOSS in 1989, soon after starting my first business at age 25. It was just for friends and associates who wanted to start a business as well.  I thought it would help reduce the inquiries and allow me to get back to my business

However, the inquiries continued.  But, I gained some invaluable feedback.  From it I learned that I hadn't solved their problem at all, and that their goal was the same as mine.  They too wanted to get their business 'up and running'. 

Still fresh was that feeling of frustration I had after reading at least 8 books.  While I was armed with information, I still wasn't 'in business'.  So, I decided that if I were to continue to share this information to help, then it had to be effective.  I felt that the end-user should be motivated and take action during this process ~ every step of the way, do the work, create content, or whatever needed to be done...

not just read about it.


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